Tuesday, November 07, 2006

kdump for Fedora Core 6 (and more Month of Kernel Bugs fun)

A nice how-to document about setting up kdump to work with the official kernel packages of Fedora Core 6. Neat for those using FC 6 and deal with kernel panics, oops, soft lockups, etc. Even better if you have the reference of the crash tool (which makes gdb command line similar to the Solaris (k)mdb debugger, probably one of the best kernel debugging tools out there).

Not so nice that Mac OS X still has no support for local kernel 'core' dumps, even if it's based on FreeBSD which already does this out of the box with the proper settings. Maybe for the next service pack :-).
Anyway, the MoKB release of today: MOKB-07-11-2006 - Linux 2.6.x zlib_inflate memory corruption. Also at the Kernel Fun blog.